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Lower Inflation/Better Business

With inflation at its highest since the 70's, us Central Massachusetts residents need lower taxes and active business minded leadership. I will work to lower your taxes, support small businesses, and allow you to decide where more of your money goes. I will focus on improving real business as a way to improve revenues.

Reduce Gas Prices

We must reduce the cost of travel. As your State Senator, I will support measures aimed at lowering gas prices. 

Improve Education Curriculums

We must do better teaching financial literacy in schools. A more financially educated population will collectively make better decisions regarding policies and votes that impact our district's financial standing. Additionally, learning should be more tailored to a student's specific reasonable goals. 

Improve Infrastructure

Local infrastructure has suffered tremendous neglect in recent years. One of my top priorities is rebuilding roads and improving communications (phone service). Improved infrastructure will stimulate increased economic activity, make commuting easier, and helping to further develop our community. Additionally, these efforts will contribute to public safety.

Improve Business/Employment

Improving advantages for and helping local businesses is a primary focus. As Senator, I will be prioritizing the local economy and businesses.This includes ideas for incentives, making attempts to improve cellular connection, tax breaks and benefits from improved infrastructure. Employees must be rewarded for their efforts. 

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